Kia ora! We're an indie game studio based in Auckland, New Zealand.
Take a look at our games below:

Ten Thousand Coins:
The Golden Merchant

Release Date TBA - PC

A strategy trading RPG where a betrayed and forsaken fox merchant must trade, earn coins, and gather allies while hunted by powerful adversaries in order to find a way home.

The Hua Company

2023 - Browser
Publisher: NZ On Air / Irirangi Te Motu

The Hua Company is a casual management simulation game in which the player takes control of a fruit company by growing fresh fruits, processing them into delicious products, and fulfilling orders from happy retailers.

Kākāpō Pao!

2022 - Browser
Publisher: NZ On Air / Irirangi Te Motu

Kākāpō Pao! is a virtual pet game where the player must help hatch and raise kākāpō chicks in real-world time.

Kunekune Shopkeeper

2021 - Browser
Publisher: NZ On Air / Irirangi Te Motu

Kunekune Shopkeeper is a puzzle trading game where you play as a kunekune pig running a fruit shop serving happy customers.

Thousand Tonic is an indie game development studio founded by Cynthia (Qingxia) Wang, based in Auckland, New Zealand.Our aim is to grow into a quality indie game development studio and create innovative games with impactful storytelling & creative gameplay.We are proud to be Kiwis and we want to show the world just what Aotearoa/New Zealand is capable of in the indie game development scene.

Cynthia (Qingxia) Wang

Founder / Developer

As a lifelong gamer, I started game development in high school where my passion for this industry slowly grew. Two decades later and still at it full-time (and over-time) as I absolutely love this line of work.

Glenn Atmadji - Artist & Developer (for NZ On Air projects)

Paul McGlade - Chartered accountant / Business advisor